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What Can I Expect if Sent to a Hematologist?

A hematologist is a doctor who specifically works with and treats disorders and diseases of the blood.  Typically someone being sent to a hematologist has been done so by their primary care physician because the doctor suspects a condition that requires more specialized attention.
The First Visit
When you visit the hematologist for the first time they will most likely discuss your medical history with you. They will probably review your charts from your primary doctor and ask questions that will help them fill in details in your history.  The hematologist will also want you to share your symptoms and describe your general health.  It is a good idea to write down all of your symptoms or concerns ahead of time as a visit to any new doctor can be stressful and often cause you to forget.
Blood Work
Next the hematologist will probably order some blood tests.  The hematologist can choose the specific blood tests that they want done based on your history and symptoms and are less broad then the general CBS (complete blood scan) that your primary physician may have done.  Hematologists often work right in the lab and study the blood cultures themselves to determine a diagnosis.
Diagnosis and Treatment
Once the results come back from the blood work, the hematologist can begin to diagnosis your particular blood disorder or disease, if there is one.  The doctor will discuss the results with you and the prognosis.  If a treatment plan is necessary, one will be worked out with you and your hematologist.  Some of the most common blood disorders and diseases are anemia, HIV/AIDS, and leukemia.  There is no need to panic when being sent to a hematologist.  Most blood disorders are rare and are treatable.

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